Who called from this phone number: 07925353808 ?

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anonym - about: 3302688189

lady rehoming stray cats she found. good person

anonym - about: 07713%20124709

Same, call but cuts off when answered. These people should be arrested

anonym - about: 2064873003

claimed to be US treasury. Threatened to arrest me if I didnt return the call.

anonym - about: 2086660231

Someone called my place of business from this number, claiming to owe us some ink for our HP toner (after the call was over I found out the secretary had just received a Dell, not an HP). An hour later, someone else from "Corporate Services" called to say that he apologized for the tardiness of our ink and started explaining that it was because the price of the ink had increased and that was the reason for the tardiness. He stated that someone from our office had called to order the ink last Friday. He verified that I was the person who orders ink and toner (I unfortunately gave my name when I answered the phone for the first guy). When I started growing suspicious and started questioning who/what was Corporate Services, exactly what ink/printer he was referring to, what was his phone number (because the number he called from was caller id blocked) , etc., he started hesitating, gave me the name of an HP printer, gave me an 888 number, and hurried off of the phone. The number he gave me (888-666-0231) was to an online survey and the number the first guy called from never answered.

anonym - about: 2025594028

Calls 3 or 4 times a day .telemarketing ppl

anonym - about: 01284129953

Called claiming to offer protection from nuisance calls!

anonym - about: +16612419198

Spam telemarketing

anonym - about: 07897104350

This number rang me today stating I had not paid my credit card and was in debt, when I asked sarcastically if they would like my bank details they put the phone down,

anonym - about: 8634404893

Someone called me from this number stating that they wanted to buy a TV that I had advertised on Craigslist. I spoke to them the day of the appointment. They informed me that they were in route to take a look at the TV. I waited over an hour and they would not return my text messages or my calls. BE CAREFUL!

anonym - about: 01905791225

This is a company called Willowbrook, who make recliner chairs and associated products.


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