Who called from this phone number: 07919142156 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

rings at - 1=2 in the early morning

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anonym - about: 6825007079

Scammed me out of money!

anonym - about: 4192199016

Recording says there is a warrant for my arrest and to call 4192199016 a federal IT'S agent is waiting for my call.

anonym - about: 8179338612


anonym - about: 07481424262

These people are annoying My Jar Loans ringing at 11 O clock at night.

anonym - about: 01772972683

Nuisance call from carphone warehouse

anonym - about: 6025469249

Received 7 calls over an hour with no voice mail left

anonym - about: 01895945815

I missed the call so I have very little information on this. I assume they hung up after calling me

anonym - about: 01204943562

Picked up, after 4 seconds an automated voice said "goodbye" and hung up. Not a clue what happened.

anonym - about: 5015455823

Keep calling. Map says they are walking, near my house. I need a name, location

anonym - about: 4422858385

claims it is IRS going to sue or pass judgement or arrest me for TAX fraud or unpaid TAXES. THis is a Known SCAM!!! The REAL IRS will NEVER CALL a PERSON!!

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