Who called from this phone number: 078701470 ?

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anonym - about: 00989338084517


anonym - about: 604756712

Dzwonią i mówią,że coś wygrałeś, każą wysłać SMS, a jeden SMS kosztuje 30 zł.

anonym - about: (530)8099489

Scam artist. He called the business stating he was from smud. He gave me a (800) number to call. The guy was rude and was persistent on getting a past due amount that's not even true. Be careful.

anonym - about: 07720%20998627

Keep calling me and when I go to call back it says number not recognized

anonym - about: 01422344294

Rang me up to say that I was owed thousands for a car crash I've just had but told me to F-off at the end when I said email he's details

anonym - about: 027185892

this number called me 3 times in the morning but i'm still asleep so i was not able to pick up the call

anonym - about: +355664654654

Phoned in early hours of the morning, I did not answer as it is not a recognised number. Also my number is not in any phone directory.

anonym - about: 03332412202

Been getting calls for weeks never leave a message and when I answer goes off

anonym - about: 01613547789

Missed call

anonym - about: 001274636633

Aggressive call from someone with an Indian sub-continent accent . " We are talking about your computer causing problems on our system " was the theme . I suggested that for them prison would not to be a nice place to end up in . They did not reply and hung up after two minutes .


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