Who called from this phone number: 07729264665 ?

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anonym - about: 012079460231

Asian sounding woman calling about an accident I am supposed to have had. I am TPS Regd and should not be getting these calls.

anonym - about: 9373090132

Made a blanket request (not specific to which item) asking if items I had for sale on line were still available. Responded via text as to what items they were talking about and told them to call me. No response. Probably an online yard sale scammer, wanted my email address and would not communicate with me any other way. This phone number is not anywhere near where I live.

anonym - about: 5627601567

I want to know who's leaving notes on my car

anonym - about: 8634404893

Someone called me from this number stating that they wanted to buy a TV that I had advertised on Craigslist. I spoke to them the day of the appointment. They informed me that they were in route to take a look at the TV. I waited over an hour and they would not return my text messages or my calls. BE CAREFUL!

anonym - about: 01772972683

Nuisance call from carphone warehouse

anonym - about: 07741471308

Rings no speak and can't call number back

anonym - about: 08433810324

Had several calls from this number recently

anonym - about: 01782%20863077

was called on this number today and they refused to give their name. It sounded like a female voice

anonym - about: 2069220193

Called 3 times in a row, just a scammer probably

anonym - about: 02030958205

Some reprobate pretending to be from HMRC and saying a case had been opened against me! Do not press any buttons if he calls you. He leaves a message on your answering machine, Report this number to the police and serious fraud.


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