Who called from this phone number: 07525190985 ?

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anonym - about: 3179394067

harassing calling

anonym - about: 01895845420

An Uxbridge number. When I called back there was a recorded message saying Joanna was not available.

anonym - about: 8557130536

Claiming to be Bank of America and that my card is locked to prevent fraud. Text message is accompanied with a link to "validate my information in 3 easy steps!" SCAM

anonym - about: 8317565624

Keeps prank calling me.

anonym - about: 2065307213

Calling about my Window computer... When I don't have a windows computer. BYE.

anonym - about: 01431261967

No idea who this is

anonym - about: 3376551010


anonym - about: 16083549117


anonym - about: 9764279036


anonym - about: 7164442322

This person got into a group chat with me and my friends. None of us own this number and we have no idea who it is. After calling we got voicemail. The number is from a different state.

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