Who called from this phone number: 0488823012 ?

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anonym - about: (715)%207300774

Claimed to be IRS. Didn't disagree when I said I thought they were probably criminals instead.

anonym - about: 7804760560

I am getting all these calls from this number and it's really annoying

anonym - about: 008002061132

No message left

anonym - about: 8475070853

this number texted me about my tinder profile and hasn't responded to my texts

anonym - about: 5202942419

No one there when I picked up - disconnected after 9 seconds.

anonym - about: 02038073715

7 missed calls in 7 hours. first 4 within 1 min. id call that harassing

anonym - about: 01567278028

Probably using a masking system of some sort. Do not trust. When I called them back they claimed to be redstar managment when I asked why they called they hungup on me

anonym - about: 4253725304

Calls multiple times daily when answered just hangs up

anonym - about: 02871114444

Cold called at 08.55 trying to scam me. Only answered because had a stroke and waiting for Hospital to call back. They hung up when wouldnt answer personal questions.

anonym - about: 0011975776838

Caller asks you to type things into your computer as they tell you your PC is compromised.

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