Who called from this phone number: 0433517409 ?

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anonym - about: 9313196116

They called me and I'm who they are.

anonym - about: 6154951645


anonym - about: 7709737809


anonym - about: 0115094000

I have called ABSA and they said it was not them

anonym - about: 5193870375

I not sure what is there deal

anonym - about: 08455514150

Had a call from this number today, couldnt understand a word the guy said to me about what he was calling about.. when asked he replied oh can i have your number please i said No! He said aw why not and hung up on me! Do not anwser the call!!

anonym - about: 6478463354

Toronto area code ..Scammer says he from CRA and top call him back

anonym - about: 01382813523

My BT bill lists 8 calls to this number on 4 November. If I phoned it at all - which I doubt - it could not have been more than once or twice.

anonym - about: 5108154701

Scammers from Pakistan. Number is spoofed.Originates outside of the US. Don't try to call back, dead end!

anonym - about: 5265632283

this number called my 87 year old mother. a lady was screaming in the background. they said they would hurt the lady unless my mother sent them money........ police were notified

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