Who called from this phone number: 0418935702 ?

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anonym - about: 5302046222

Keep calling and all I hear are weird voices and music. Pretty sure it's a scammed or there is some weird shit going on.

anonym - about: 2086391427

Some telemarketer for fake trip to florida

anonym - about: 2054535093

They called me from fb messenger ..I was added by their contacts

anonym - about: 02023524561

Called 4 times today, twice hung up after I answered and on last attempt some spoke to me. They claimed to be from Microsoft Windows ringing about my PC. I said my PC was fine and hung up. Scam.

anonym - about: 7248268058

The person who uses this phone is harasses and berates several of my trans friends with anti-trans abusive remarks.

anonym - about: 01340075652

Annoying person, insisted our computer has problems.

anonym - about: 6136594693

Montreal based company repetitively calls . I think linked to these other numbers as refuse to answer them: 1-450-9140103/-9140146/2340093 and 9140740. First was stocks related then repetitively called from same area code everyday or every other day. First answered call person seemed to be soliciting sex or hinting but not coming out clearly intentions and asking if you have a MasterCard or Visa because he (Mike) did ie "six others with the same last name"!

anonym - about: +27%20110844451

The phone number calls but there is no responce when the phone is answered..

anonym - about: 3142078364

medicare scam

anonym - about: (258)%2048966

Keeps calling and it pops up as unknown.

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