Who called from this phone number: 0407087806 ?

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anonym - about: 17168641598

B O'Brien

anonym - about: 080507670236

Rang but didn't leave a message, I tried to ring back but constant engaged tone.

anonym - about: 01882880579

Rang home phone number yesterday .put phone down as soon as I answered . Didn't ring back as thought it may be a rogue call .

anonym - about: 6626550264

Keep calling me and I want to know who it is

anonym - about: 5185958998

I am on a do not call list, but this number keeps calling me.

anonym - about: 5617021035

i found out a blocked this number but i dont remember ehose this was

anonym - about: 07725619805

I called askin for personal info offering loan so said don't have bnk account he said just use a friends I said that's illegal so I told him fuk off to which he replied fuk off to u too, scam all day long

anonym - about: 5107319851

sjdhdsjcvvj jdvhxkvhxkv skb

anonym - about: 01284129953

Funny Indian scammer lady got me to run command but was confused that it didn't work. Copped on a little & said I was "clever" (thanks). Kept asking if I I wanted to fix my computer. I guess my innocent voice swayed her as she told me to open my "Google homepage". Three letters in she probes me for my age. I refused sarcastically saying she may be a scammer, which she ignores. As for her age, she's a 50+ for "Google homepage" alone! Gets mad and says "Go to hell!", possibly most Indian phrase (other than "[insert expletive] Pakistan"), when I refused to say number of years I've been in this world full of telephone brigands. Wasted 10 mins of their time, that's over 15 mins today. What a result! Tune in later for more Epic Tales of the Unknown Dialler! -Lappy420

anonym - about: 8622703082

They left an 8 second voice mail with nothing but hissing and an undistinguishable word said at the end..?

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