Who called from this phone number: 0405960463 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Rang me

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anonym - about: +27%20110844451

The phone number calls but there is no responce when the phone is answered..

anonym - about: +447857693105

they call you talk in very loveable launguage and then ask you for financial help

anonym - about: 02037792188

This number came in around 9.25am. There was no voicemail. So want to know who was calling.

anonym - about: 9515452900

dr. who

anonym - about: 07897104350

This number rang me today stating I had not paid my credit card and was in debt, when I asked sarcastically if they would like my bank details they put the phone down,

anonym - about: 6143236477

melissa faggie

anonym - about: 0399885097

Scammer do not give any information to them, no call back service, no messages left do not explain or offer info on who they are or what they want. Do not trust block immediately

anonym - about: 01536677416

Wanting money for work that has not been requested or done from elderly parents

anonym - about: 9105510724

Just texted me "hey beautiful" might be the cute guy or the ugly guy or a family member. Help.

anonym - about: 8885198385


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