Who called from this phone number: 03335565560 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-22 02:18:41

Dont know who they are but they call several times a day when i have answered to tell them to stop calling they say nothing now blocked!!

Anonym  2018-12-21 06:19:55

left a message saying mr bruce end hall even though im not that person put the phone number I my blacklist lol

Anonym  2018-11-18 23:32:13


Anonym  2018-10-25 13:34:50

Saying there from British gas and then Scottish power

Anonym  2018-10-13 14:35:16

Twice a day..scam

Anonym  2018-09-07 01:16:15


Anonym  2018-08-08 15:15:36

Lowell debt collection

Anonym  2018-07-31 16:32:59

Bloody nuisance.

Anonym  2018-07-26 12:41:24


Anonym  2018-07-05 17:32:37

Keeps calling, clearly trying to scam pensioners!

Anonym  2018-07-04 23:07:37


Anonym  2018-05-12 07:29:44

These clowns buy dead debt then bombard you with silent calls, threatening calls and bailiff letters. In law they can only gain judgement up to the price they paid, usually 50p - £1. Ask them for a copy of the 'debt' and purchase price, they won't reply but the harassment ceases.

Anonym  2018-04-27 14:38:05


Anonym  2018-01-29 01:45:09


Anonym  2018-01-11 13:33:20

Obviously debt collectors! Piss off!!

Anonym  2017-12-22 13:13:32


Anonym  2017-12-12 09:02:32

Lowell debt scam.....

Anonym  2017-12-04 20:47:29

Keep calling me every couple hours now blocking this just a pain this is a scam don't answer it.

Anonym  2017-11-01 02:48:47

Lowell group

Anonym  2017-09-01 01:17:51

Silent call, then hung up.

Anonym  2017-07-04 17:03:26


Anonym  2017-06-04 04:12:04

Lowell debt collection agency

Anonym  2017-03-04 08:58:17

Lowell .... asking a 11 year old girl for the address and post code of whom I can only presume they thought was some relation to her??? When she asked who it was they said it’s lowell and needed address and post code for security reasons. Daughter said I am only 11 and can’t give you my details. The lady said name of person they are looking to contact and daughter was saying I don’t know ..???? I was literally in kitchen and heard her say I need your name and address but caller already ended call before I got the phone.

Anonym  2017-02-07 10:29:27

Silent call. Number now blocked

Anonym  2016-10-25 19:28:21

F**k them don't anwer s*cmbags

Anonym  2016-10-14 13:11:37

Debt collectors. They don't listen when you say you're not the person they're looking for and instead try to extract information from you - don't tell them any personal details, they have no right to ask.

Anonym  2016-07-23 01:52:24

Call every day now blocked

Anonym  2016-05-06 02:49:11


Anonym  2016-03-11 01:42:29

Lowell. They’ve called me twice in the space of 5 mins. Any more than 3 points of contact in a day is classed as harrasment

Anonym  2016-02-17 15:12:44

Keep calling my son ! He’s 13 with no debt !!

Anonym  2016-01-18 01:18:59

Number now blocked. Bloody nuisance.

Anonym  2015-04-24 13:03:13

Unknown but my phone gave me a spam alert when my phone started ringing

Anonym  2015-03-27 22:02:01

03335565560 called several times now asking for someone I do not know just kept asking for my details which I refused to give as I am not the person they asked for obviously they don't understand that.

Anonym  2015-03-27 20:50:38

They have been calling me since 31st May 2018 haha, its now the 08 Sept 2018. They obviously cannot do anything until i answer and confirm who i am which i wont do. Without confirmation they cannot do much. They asked for my details which i wont give, as i ask them if they are debt collectors and they wont give me such information even though they are legally obliged to give me the information if i ask for it, so when they ask for my information i reply with "the Data Protection prevents me from disclosing such information to strangers" haha. And they hang up then ;) Try it too it works.

Anonym  2015-03-24 13:44:51

No powers clowns ignore and block

Anonym  2015-02-06 06:23:17

Lowell asking for a person who is unknown to me. Called several times asking for this same name. Don't want these calls but don't want to call back.

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anonym - about: 0858476870

Got a call from this this numbers, called it back and they never answered.

anonym - about: 01974661347

Keeping ringing, trying to sell different things, last time it was a funeral plan

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robert conrad

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Unable to locate name and address.

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woman said she was from Comcast but I was skeptical because the first 2 numbers in phone number were 1's.

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This number has called and texted my phone mutiple times and will not tell me who they are

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this number keep calling me !!

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Sent me a message saying I won 2000000 on euro draw

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Recorded message from hmr saying I am being served with a writ, press 1to speak to advisor

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May be advertising agency

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