Who called from this phone number: 03002007662 ?

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anonym - about: 5153414490

I don't know who this number is and I want to know because they keep on calling me

anonym - about: 6144405023

Got a nice text reply to a misnumber and would like to know name of person

anonym - about: 07897104350

This number rang me today stating I had not paid my credit card and was in debt, when I asked sarcastically if they would like my bank details they put the phone down,

anonym - about: 0115094000

I have called ABSA and they said it was not them

anonym - about: 4155256356

She is part of a black gang, she pretends to be Indian and lure people and steal at gun point

anonym - about: 0010004413231

This number has tried to call me repeatedly over last few days , but as it's an international number I gave ignored it , does anyone know who they are ?

anonym - about: 01875818500

who keeps calling me from this number 01875818500

anonym - about: 2139864005

None Foru

anonym - about: 7023396444

calls and when I answer get message that voice mail has been sent?

anonym - about: 6693272047

Austin, Texas

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