Who called from this phone number: 02825420303 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-28 10:09:55

Claimed to be O2

Anonym  2018-12-27 22:44:59

called asking me if i was 'amy collins' and that they had a SIM card for Amy - i said thats not me. He asked if i was an O2 customer I said - yes, then he asked if my name was xxx (my actual name) I said , 'ahh so you ahve my name then' , he sid well its cos I typed your number in I can see this on our database... how else could I get it'.. i pointed out 'social media. job sites' .. then I said 'hang on, just typing your number in to see who you are, you could be anybody' .. he laughed when i said 'ahh ,l you're a scam it seems, are you a scam?' he replied 'yes madam, we are a scam' ... !! told him to hog off and leave me alone

Anonym  2018-11-30 09:45:05

Didn’t answer the call and most definitely haven’t asked for any 02 SIM card. I’m a three customer and quite happy being with three...

Anonym  2018-10-14 15:45:54

This call claimed to be 02, I am not sure it was.

Anonym  2018-07-08 21:10:33

O2 contract sales man

Anonym  2018-06-14 21:11:57

Wanted to send me an o2 sim I apparently ordered online. Told her I never did ordered anything like this and she apologised and hung up

Anonym  2018-05-27 05:03:41

Caller claimed to be from 02. Told me my address (which was my old address). Told caller I didn't know where he was calling from but it definitely wasn't 02 and disconnected the call.

Anonym  2018-04-26 17:43:11

Supposed to be o2 very rude and pushy would not take no for answer then kept ringing me every other day number would not accept block from my phone

Anonym  2018-04-16 20:49:02

Scammmmm do not pick the call. They wanted to send me a SIM and that they g2g give me a better than than current provider

Anonym  2018-03-16 08:59:35

This number keeps calling me every day, and answer it for a couple of seconds to see what it would say, first day sounded like a woman then and Asian man. They said I was an O2 customer but I’m not, I asked them to never call me again but they refused..... I asked if it was a scam and they said...”yes it is a scam madam” I told them to bog off and leave me alone and then ended it!

Anonym  2018-01-26 07:39:29

Claimed to be O2 selling a PAYG SIM. Asked me which mobile and internet provider I was with. What I’d use a PAYG SIM for and Were offering me a top up deal. I said I’d wait for my SIM to come through before I decided how much I wanted to top up which promptly ended the call.

Anonym  2018-01-24 01:38:08

Rings me every few weeks claiming to be 02, it's a shame I'm not even with 02, another scam.

Anonym  2017-10-24 20:47:56

Just answered a call from them claiming to be O2 and asking for someone else. Told them that wasn't me so they asked me who I was. Told them they didn't need to know that and hung up. Some story about a SIM that had been ordered online

Anonym  2017-10-03 22:06:42

Call showed as from Ballymena but without an Irish country code, so ignored it and no message left. A scam I'm sure!

Anonym  2017-09-26 20:11:03

Said they were 02 but didn’t know anything about my contract

Anonym  2017-09-13 04:23:04

Said I had ordered a SIM card. Tried to get my personal details. Told them I wouldn't divulge. They then sent an 02 text to confirm however anyone can do this. Scammers for your personal and bank details. He gave up eventually.

Anonym  2017-08-25 01:14:26

100% scam - usually don't talk to these guys but was bored. First call the guy offered me a £15 plan with 5GB of data (because he asked me how much I was on now, which is 5 and if that was enough and I said yes) my phone died and another guy called me again after because the call had been cut off. This time when he asked me if my current 5GB was enough I said no and he offered me a £18 plan with 12GB I asked if he could send me documents or a leaflet so I could look through it he said he couldn't and that all he can do is take my order and send it off to me - I said could I look at the offer online and he said it's not online and it's exclusively by phone, I asked him if I could go to the store and he said they might not have that offer in store, I then spoon fed him the next bit, I said if I called back tomorrow would the offer still be available and he said probably not and that sometimes their offers expire very quickly blah blah blah he also said something about not having to pay anything the first two weeks and that he'll send me the phone and I can try it out suuuuure. Honestly don't trust them they're just trying to prey on the vulnerable and trick them into paying them for nothing - always check on the actual 02 site before going forward with any call

Anonym  2017-07-30 19:59:00

Just had this phone number call me she claimed she was from o2 very pushy tried saying that my data plan with giffgaff isn’t actually unlimited data and when I told her it doesn’t cut me off it slows me down she hung up after trying to to argue it

Anonym  2017-07-30 06:56:08

Getting information from an online "Mystery Shopper" offer I thought I had NOT completed. However this info has been passed on to companies I have no interest in. Not sure about scammers but should NOT have my details.

Anonym  2017-07-24 04:30:04

Scam not even on 02

Anonym  2017-07-05 09:35:15

It's a scam! They've taken every information from my bank card! I'm 20weeks pregnant and I don't need money going missing

Anonym  2017-06-01 02:50:33

Got a text about an O2 sim card then received this call. Blocked number.

Anonym  2017-02-16 18:24:01

Came up as calling from Balleymena, I answered but no one said anything, so left the phone open until they disconnected, what a waste of time !!

Anonym  2017-02-09 14:48:16

Got this call after filling in details for a free o2 SIM card.

Other comments

anonym - about: 3185449134

Lookup through an shows number as registered to Mrs Misty Nolan from Mabank, TX USA. That is however not correct information. The number has never been connected to this person.

anonym - about: 01383887101

Called me at 16:10 today saying they were from talktalk. Fifth call of this type in last two days. Played along with them. Asked me to open event manager and said all the error entries were people trying to hack into my computer LOL. Said I should quit page immediately. Then asked me to run the command www. teamviewer . com (no spaces) I know this is a remote control programme site so told them to stop wasting my time and that I was no longer with talktalk. The phone number I have is ex-directory so suspect it is one of the many that were hacked from the talktalk database the other year - even though talktalk said my details were safe.

anonym - about: 9136597646

calls and says my number appears on some file so she called me

anonym - about: +1134579766

Constantly calling never say who they are but asked me for personal information I told them I don't give out information on the phone and hung up

anonym - about: +25281002178

Missed call from this number at 6.26AM

anonym - about: 028049000

i just wanna know whose number it is because i think it is a job opportunity

anonym - about: 9704205578

What kind of fucking information do u want

anonym - about: 8553085221

Number showed up on my PC claimed to be Verizon said to call this number to fix problem. Has locked up my PC if I open explorer

anonym - about: 01617110425

Cold call

anonym - about: 8303870641

Don't know who it is just said they're my mom

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