Who called from this phone number: 0214242136 ?

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anonym - about: 7208771572

Called twice once at 6:29 am and once at 6:36am fk im tired. I don't sleep good often but when I do it's wonderful and this asshole calls me, I've did call bad and some asshole answered. I was lost of words. Thinking real hard of ways to piss this guy off. I know you tubers are getting in on for their channels to prank well here you go. Have ar it I'm to tired.

anonym - about: +213699295258


anonym - about: 9197263448

two calls today (3/16). NO one on phone. I did not answer the second time. No message left.

anonym - about: 02032894455

this number 02032894455 has phoned, always hanging up when I answer , does anyone have info. on this number?

anonym - about: +85208565603

Calls multiple times a day, hangs up after a few seconds.

anonym - about: 8649156174

keeps calling, won't leave a message

anonym - about: 07510163926%20

I am just trying to know whos Number is this

anonym - about: 700046032

Charged 3 times for messages from this number. Don't know who from.

anonym - about: %20081317724268


anonym - about: 7873035000

any info on this number in Puerto Rico?

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