Who called from this phone number: 02083004003 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

this company is a real pain using different area codes - hope they go bust

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anonym - about: 3233008853


anonym - about: 8179338612


anonym - about: 8124421205


anonym - about: 01204054699

Standard dodgy call. No answer when call picked up and then it cuts off - presumably because the 'operators' are all busy annoying someone else

anonym - about: 353539108079

Had a call from this no & a similar no a week ago ( 353539108117 ) My belief is that they expect you to ring back & that's when it hits you in the wallet.

anonym - about: 7208761376

this number called my 'do-not-call' number pitching medicare funded medical devices, when I called it back it was disconnected

anonym - about: 07939076932

This person sent me a whatsap message (Hey you!) when I phoned the number a woman says hello then drops the call, it's really annoying.

anonym - about: +260953543166

I've been called at least 6 times from this number and when I answered it once all I hear is a conversation in Malayalam in a very soft voice. The two talkers sounds like a mother and a teenage daughter. They never answered my query of who they were. I lost Rs.40.

anonym - about: 4044774954

Online yard sale scammer looking to steal your money!

anonym - about: 01592882462

Calling through the night

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