Who called from this phone number: 020762324844 ?

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anonym - about: 02037695677

Received three phone calls today from three different numbers with the same attitude. After I answered calls they were on the line bud said nothing. Calls were received from: 0207 043 3775; 0203 769 5655 and 0203 769 5677

anonym - about: 01204675409

Called saying their records show that I was involved in a car accident.

anonym - about: 0037039176288

Woman with foreign accent saying she was calling from my computer technical dept. I told her to p- - s off and put the phone down.

anonym - about: 7702247580

called and ask for me by name and then hung up

anonym - about: 07584770923

Called saying they are the police and to come out.

anonym - about: 408_3821995

Calls and hang up

anonym - about: 5202758561

Called me and left a confusing and slightly off putting voice mail

anonym - about: 8552170654

harassing phone call trying to get personal information

anonym - about: 2652369871

Called 4 times in 90 minutes, starting at 8:12 am. Due to "unavailable" and just a number on caller ID, I did not answer. Upon investigation here and using my phone app (HIYA) I discovered that it is the 'virus on your computer' scam. Since I have a service that allows various ways to block, they are now going to receive the This number has been disconnected or no longer in service message.

anonym - about: 0203117123

Keeps ringing several times a day and puts the phone down as soon as you pick it up

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