Who called from this phone number: 02038087821 ?

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anonym - about: 8076946332

No one speaks from the other side. Totally psycho calling me continuously at 12:00am

anonym - about: 07584770923

Called saying they are the police and to come out.

anonym - about: 7037043404


anonym - about: 8803950827

Had a call from this number and when I answered whoever it was hung up without saying anything

anonym - about: 08443185723

I answered, but there was no one there. Left the call live out of curiosity, and it hung up after 30 seconds.

anonym - about: 2199150078

Unknown caller. Did NOT leave message. Called this number 4 times -- got busy signal every time.

anonym - about: 8557130536

Claiming to be Bank of America and that my card is locked to prevent fraud. Text message is accompanied with a link to "validate my information in 3 easy steps!" SCAM

anonym - about: 7864522692

Girl sending me provocative photos saying shes some girl named cindy

anonym - about: 01204158239

COLD CALL SCAMMERS - Don't deal... I was called 06/12 @ 14:10 on a restricted number. Caller claimed to be a "Transient Claims Specialists" which then boils down to "I've been told you've had an accident over the past three years that wasn't your fault"... Actually I've never had a crash so F*CK OFF....

anonym - about: 3119711854

Calls continuously with the message "thank you and goodbye"

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