Who called from this phone number: 0203002344 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-06 19:17:35

they don't answer straight away i was about to hang up someone with an accent asking about our web design wanting to speak to the owner. First he lied and said he needed our services and was talking to the owner then when i told him he has his wires crossed his story changed to he just wanted to chat to someone, SCAM SCAM SCAM

Anonym  2018-07-10 00:51:40

Continuous calls (12) first week of 2017 nuisance ,no message number not connected when rung back

Anonym  2018-07-07 10:53:44

Foreign speaker, asking for business owner about "website design". Number shown does not work on call back. IGNORE!

Anonym  2018-05-31 12:30:43

Telemarketing nuisance calls from a land line. Indian accent and call centre background noise.

anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

They call about 4 times a day they wait till you answer then hang up

anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

Calls from this number are either silent, or an Indian man offering web development services in a pushy manner. They are spoofing this telephone number to look like a legitimate call. This means there is a high liklihood that this is a scam, either to get money out of you or to collect a voice-print analysis of your voice for further scamming. Blacklist this number in any way that you can.

Anonym  2018-04-08 21:20:00

Calls 3 times a day

Anonym  2018-02-15 22:25:33

nuisance caller

Anonym  2017-12-26 01:40:49

Continually phones, then says nothing. I hang up first.

Anonym  2017-08-03 12:20:19

This number rang me arlier on lucky I missed the call. They have rang me a few times over last few weeks

Anonym  2017-05-19 14:09:27

Called my business number, didn't say anything, I ended up hanging up first.

Anonym  2017-04-29 21:24:10

we seem to get this call most days but we have an answering machine and don't answer the phone unless it is a local number or one we know. They never leave a message.

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anonym - about: 0439687946

they call don't leave a message, & when you call back it says the number is disconnected

anonym - about: 7726342871

Just called me. Have no idea who it is and I got curious

anonym - about: +62333588

Working in a factory. Chinese female speaking in mandarin.

anonym - about: 02871114444

Cold called at 08.55 trying to scam me. Only answered because had a stroke and waiting for Hospital to call back. They hung up when wouldnt answer personal questions.

anonym - about: 3613173257

wont say anything when number is called back

anonym - about: 07810206832

this number 07810 206 832 as called me so meany times its mad my phone is for emergency calls as my mother is fatally ill i wish thees ppl would f**k off

anonym - about: 17703755775

Prank called me and just making sure I'm not assuming who this person is before things get started

anonym - about: 5204224166

continual calls from 520-422-4166 telling me that I need to re-new my car warranty..the problem with that is I don't own a car & even after saying that, they still's very annoying..I want them to stop calling me & I've told them this, but they ignore me..

anonym - about: 9569930563

number belongs to whom

anonym - about: +60162162567

She a prostitute

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