Who called from this phone number: 02000324418 ?

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anonym - about: 01284129953

Called claiming to offer protection from nuisance calls!

anonym - about: %203129574363

Says that I owe an unknown amount of money and charges are going to be placed

anonym - about: 09393957325


anonym - about: 8764097502

this number called me stating i won a publisher's clearing house contest for 750,000. it's a scam.

anonym - about: 4692148171

As with any number I don't recognize, I let it sit after I answer it to see if any human says anything. If not, I let the number hang up by itself.

anonym - about: 02030952802

Received automated message purporting to be from HMRC re. lawsuit. When I pressed 1 to speak to 'your case worker' I was then connected to a person of Indian or Pakistani origin. When I asked why this message had been generated he asked if I was.........(and gave my partner's first and surname). I then asked who wanted to know and , after a cou[le of seconds, the caller disconnected the call.

anonym - about: 8504611085

Victoria burgos

anonym - about: 02037941409

had several missed calls

anonym - about: 5149834069

Called me in the middle of the night

anonym - about: +441614136512

Missed call unknown uk number

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