Who called from this phone number: 01939231108 ?

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anonym - about: 7042354177

I picked up the phone and he said "Are you working?" then I said who is this? He said "Ron." I said who? He said "Ron." I don't know who Ron is. He hanged up the phone

anonym - about: 4105550168

BlacklistWYoumailApp OuttaServiceGreeting

anonym - about: 6307087557

Wont stop calling even after requesting to be taken off calling list.

anonym - about: 01778421333

Cold callers want to ask questions

anonym - about: +12052351056

i just want it to know if this is not a fake number or an scam number. he said he.swnd package in my counsin in philippines but why we need to pay a morethan 15,000 pesos before we can claim the.pakage.

anonym - about: 02833863661

Asked me to call them back, american accent. said her name was Ishmael.

anonym - about: 02030952802

Recording message saying i have a lawsuit against me from hmrc and that i needed to press 1 to speak to a case officer. Scam

anonym - about: 9013784645


anonym - about: 3109055447

Recorded message claiming to be from IRS, and threatening civil action. 1) I happen to know that my taxes are paid. 2) The IRS website warns about criminal scam operations involving callers who purport to be from the IRS with threats about tax debts and impending civil action. 3) The IRS website indicates they only corrrespond with taxpayers through written letters, and 4) that any phone calls purporting to be from IRS are false and should be reported to the number on their website.

anonym - about: 269%20252%204905

They say sweet things to me and i want to thank them in person

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