Who called from this phone number: 01924461236 ?

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anonym - about: +919612979019

I m girl and this number is calling me on whatsapp

anonym - about: 1312392-5172

No name when call just a message telling me to call them back ASAP. The lady is rude and cant understand haft of what she is saying>

anonym - about: 2485094367

This number is calling to see if you are dumb enough to be involved in a scam related to car wrap advertisements. They say they will send a check, you pay a person to put the wrap on your car and keep the rest. Of Course the check is bogus and they want you to wire money out to someone else.

anonym - about: 01666822432

The number sounds memorable therefore probably a business, but when I tried to call back it took too long to hold on for an answer

anonym - about: 18195827092

claims to be from interact e-transfer and notifies me that cra sent me an interact e-transfer

anonym - about: 0420661637


anonym - about: +447375453472

HMRC alert You are eligible to receive a tax rebate. Of £941

anonym - about: 2625091050

Scam, saying I recently bought a travel package . Wants to give me a free Disney trip. Her voice was annoying asf as well

anonym - about: 2484584349

They called again in the afternoon. I didn't answer, and the robocall went to the answering machine. It's a political call to NOT vote for a local candidate.

anonym - about: 0052443460

weird this person just called and I answered but no one talked.

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