Who called from this phone number: 0191195557 ?

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anonym - about: 02172312675


anonym - about: 3109055447

Recorded message claiming to be from IRS, and threatening civil action. 1) I happen to know that my taxes are paid. 2) The IRS website warns about criminal scam operations involving callers who purport to be from the IRS with threats about tax debts and impending civil action. 3) The IRS website indicates they only corrrespond with taxpayers through written letters, and 4) that any phone calls purporting to be from IRS are false and should be reported to the number on their website.

anonym - about: 07770998866

I answered my phone and was told I had had a loan from 2005-2009 and I said " No I didn't you are a liar", the person on the other told me to "Fuck right off". I can't believe it. That is harassment I am disgusted.

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anonym - about: 01567278028

Probably using a masking system of some sort. Do not trust. When I called them back they claimed to be redstar managment when I asked why they called they hungup on me

anonym - about: 9033543910

pandora Victoira BC

anonym - about: 2088561181

Asked a question and hung up.

anonym - about: 3142078364

medicare scam

anonym - about: 7708244790

Don't call back or answer it's is just a way to add viruses and or for them to get ur personal information.

anonym - about: (843)%209575557

Terry and Beth Jones called my business in TN and offer to sell a "beta" online design tool for my website. He also told me that he could put my business at the top of Google. I paid him and his company PAGETRENDS.COM $1000 down payment and he never provided the service. Terry and Beth Jones of PAGETRENDS.COM should be considered dangerous to your business and bank account. I have since found many other companies they have defrauded. Beware!!!!

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