Who called from this phone number: 01838323532 ?

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anonym - about: 01618505620

Threatened that a law suit was being filed against me from HMRC

anonym - about: 01913039553

This number keeps ringing and don't leave any details be aware

anonym - about: 8883200561

Missed Call. Voice mail not left. Called back and they asked if I was returning call. Probably collections.

anonym - about: 8043800013

got a test saying "I know who you are and in coming for you" then another saying "When it happens you will know"

anonym - about: 01729%20532768

Two calls to me in quick succession, when I called back it went to an automatic voice telling me to please hold and that my call was important to them. To was followed by about 30s of silence so I rang off.

anonym - about: 4027692651

Have called me several times, but there is no message when they leave a voice mail.

anonym - about: +358401972955


anonym - about: 0795210881

Your information iam anthony mwangi and iam worried because i have been recieving alot of calls from this number-0795210881

anonym - about: 0879834998


anonym - about: 3139816155

calls and hangs up after they say hello. tired to call back but got sent to voicemail.

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