Who called from this phone number: 01709703050 ?

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Anonym  2018-11-26 12:25:34

The caller was asking details about my visa debit card - i would not give him this information and he stated to get angry, i was sure he started to swear, but his overseas accent was not clear. - do not give these s*cmbags any detail and just put the phone down.

Anonym  2017-10-12 16:55:34

They phone then hang up

Anonym  2017-04-12 05:07:29

This person rang me a few minutes ago asking if I was receiving nuisance calls. I asked where he was from but he would not say. I told him to p off and said he was the nuisance call. I despise these people and wish they could be stopped. In the end I blocked him.

Anonym  2015-09-12 11:12:16

Purported to be from the Telephone Preference Service. I was asked to confirm my ID, then caller asked about my bank details, so I ended the call. This is a scam, I think!

Anonym  2015-01-20 22:10:32

They rang my land line but cut the call as soon as I answered it. WHEN will these cretins be stopped from annoying innocent people? Blocked that number.

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anonym - about: 7755834258

Some survey company. When I called back (a few minutes later), the survey had magically been "ended". Scammer most likely.

anonym - about: 8638660021

Number called me, just curious. Feel like I've been called by this #

anonym - about: 0041435088564

Ring me three times . It has show up on my phone that location is from Zurich. Never answered that phone.

anonym - about: 01253%20650005

Individual claiming to be from Windows. Started getting rude and aggressive when questioned about reason for call.

anonym - about: 2036858367

they call and a recording tells you thye will eliminate your debt. when you ask them how they will do that, they want to know your credit card debt. when I said zero, they spoke in Indian together, then hung up.

anonym - about: 3302688189

lady rehoming stray cats she found. good person

anonym - about: 3202072375

Phone call telling me I owe money on a loan i never received and harassing my family members

anonym - about: 03167708523

tihs person call me and told me about lotery i wanted to know that person number was register from his name or another

anonym - about: 4692148171

I've been harassed by this 'company' for a few months now. At first I would pick up the phone (don't remember what kind of ad it was), but eventually I stopped answering and just blocked the numbers. I'm not sure how, but they seemed to use numbers from all over the country (California, Texas, Colorado, Utah, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania just to name a few). It got to a point where I would receive around 10 calls a day from them, and whenever I picked the phone up, it would immediately disconnect. I've also been called during non-business hours, which is even more bothersome. My advice would be to keep ignoring the random calls until they stop.

anonym - about: 0014852676876

Tried to ask me about bank charges and then used obscene language when I wouldn't answer his question.

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