Who called from this phone number: 01707651266 ?

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anonym - about: +639081292605

text me something stupid

anonym - about: 7174335588


anonym - about: 01780769737


anonym - about: 5413968817


anonym - about: 4149305598

4149305598 dont know who it is. calls 4 times a day. asking for Money on a bill. No info given.

anonym - about: 4802267762

called and was disrespectful

anonym - about: 00141411001

Keeps calling driving me mad as it ring hangs up at all times of day and night

anonym - about: 03229932935

telephone number 447375457223 claiming I am due a tax refund of £1,271.00 and to click and follow the link, this has to be a scam so be warned these are naughty naughty conmen

anonym - about: 8006667362

Got a video from 416-528-5456 on WhatsApp and sent a message back asking if it was me, sayiung I didn't know them. Profile picture of an Indian couple. On reverse lookup it linked the 416# with this 800#. Anyway, the last message asked me to call them, I'm not. I erased the video without watching it and I'm not going to bother calling them, thanks to others that have reported this crap.

anonym - about: 34770111

Can't hear anything after picking up the phone...don't know who is this..!!

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