Who called from this phone number: 0165947475 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

I don't like to answer unknown numbers especially when the number is not familiar.

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anonym - about: 6782577243

Called this number out for being a scam. Woman who works there called back multiple times and left threatening and vulgar messages.

anonym - about: 020%203779%202137

I got a recorded voice saying that if you took out a mortgage after 2003, you may have been missold your mortgage, and you could be entitled to up to £20,000 in compensation. For an information pack press 5, or to opt out press 9.

anonym - about: 0562814206

im recieveing phone calls from this number and tryimg to find out if im being scamed

anonym - about: 7329772495

I don't know who's number this is and when I tried to text them to see who they are they didn't answer

anonym - about: 2148146711

Online yard sale scammer looking to rip you off, by buying your stuff through a third party.

anonym - about: 5733401598

Acting like they are NEC and max

anonym - about: 07943983181

Keep calling me

anonym - about: 9132869233


anonym - about: 512%20572%201514

This is a Nigerian romance dating scam stole an Army Veterans profile to steal from ladies. He goes by the name Gomez mark hall on facebook. He's a bastard

anonym - about: 2512202704

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