Who called from this phone number: 01446790574 ?

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Anonym  2018-11-14 18:49:08

Indian man informing me there is a cheque for mis-sold banking charges due to me, he confirms my name and address but asks for my date of birth as verification.

Anonym  2018-08-14 01:15:38

Asian man called due to faulty broadband connection. Hung up when l said l was with SKY as a provider. Does he know who l am?

Anonym  2017-11-23 13:12:54

Indian man sking for Mr JOHN...said he's from UK Government...I hung up

Anonym  2017-04-23 09:13:55


Anonym  2016-10-19 17:04:47

Indian man telling me he’s from BT says my broadband is faulty does I want him to repair it I’m not even with BT

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anonym - about: 07718219144

Sent rude message. Then called seconds later. I answered and they hang-up.

anonym - about: 8588838010

Got 2 miss call from this number don't know who's number is this

anonym - about: 3153602273

does respond to texts or call backs

anonym - about: 0110723302

Received missed call

anonym - about: 01212809188

Sends offensive messages

anonym - about: 16024611056

person texted me from this number asking "Need fire? Im mobile and in ur area"

anonym - about: 9892561705

Whos number

anonym - about: 01772972683

Nuisance call from carphone warehouse

anonym - about: 2054535093

They called me from fb messenger ..I was added by their contacts

anonym - about: 5802804563

Randomly called me couldn't make out the voicemail

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