Who called from this phone number: 01446789458 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-28 09:43:33

Silent call, went through to voice mail and left a silent message....nuisance call!!!

Anonym  2019-01-07 21:20:05

mobile number 01446789458 this number phoned me with the name Barry showing on it so I stupidly answered it was a Chinese lady with very broken English asking for me by name. I said she isn't here and they hung up number now blocked.

Anonym  2019-01-04 15:36:08

Unsolicited caller - nuisance company!.

Anonym  2018-12-23 16:22:55

Answered the call, it was a automated message claiming I had won 1000 pounds. Asking me to press 2 for a call back.... hung up of corse!

Anonym  2018-12-17 05:50:06

Got a call from these guys today. Normally I send these scammers an SMS in the evening asking them to call me back the next day - because I like to play along with them for about 10-15 minutes if I have time. Hehehe...

Anonym  2018-11-24 06:49:25

Called today and I did not answer. Spam! Thanks for all comments

Anonym  2018-11-17 11:54:12

Spam call. FYI - Barry is a place in Cardiff, Wales.

Anonym  2018-09-23 13:22:42

Automated call regarding a "claim" - blocked now!

Anonym  2018-09-23 09:16:33

Second call from this number in a few days. Silence so I hung up.

Anonym  2018-09-14 10:12:26

blocked after i review this site

Anonym  2018-08-12 18:53:25

01446 789458 A silent call when I answered and said who's calling? Now I've read other comments will label this junk.

Anonym  2018-05-17 11:05:08


Anonym  2018-02-23 05:50:48

If it is a number , or from a region i don't recognise , I allow the caller the opportunity to leave a message. No message left so obviously they're up to no good, cold calling ... on my blocked list

Anonym  2017-12-19 19:16:58

claims call, ended call, number blocked. Nuisance caller

Anonym  2017-12-14 15:07:32

Phoned me twice in 2 days now

Anonym  2017-11-19 16:14:15


Anonym  2017-11-02 06:02:52

These B**ards keep ringing me every day! Harassment.. Blocked by cm security master

Anonym  2017-08-30 23:59:26

Claimed to be calling about ppi. Received a barrage of abuse from me then hung up. Give them credit for listening to me... pity sarcasm didn't work with them.

Anonym  2017-06-01 23:07:55

i ignored the call from this number as i don't know anyone in Barr, Wales!

Anonym  2017-05-16 13:17:44

Claims company

Anonym  2017-05-03 04:08:46

no answer just hung up.

Anonym  2017-04-01 10:54:56


Anonym  2017-03-26 10:48:19

Called on landline went to ansafone but no message. Spam.

Anonym  2017-02-05 00:52:37

They are calling me everyday but not leaving a message

Anonym  2017-01-02 13:17:15

Sales call? I block ed

Anonym  2016-12-24 01:51:57

Silent call then hang up. Nuisance and at the worst time!

Anonym  2016-10-12 09:19:59

silent call

Anonym  2016-09-24 02:44:04

no answer, just silence and hug up

Anonym  2016-08-14 12:53:51

Called with the ID name Barry. Thought it was a genuine wrong number as had missed a call from them a couple of days ago so answered. Was a PPI call- told them to remove me from their call list and that I would report them; fell on deaf ears so I hung up. ****little trick to have a name come up on caller ID!

Anonym  2016-07-20 11:20:06

Person asked for me by name and then said they were from Claims Inclusive. It was an unsolicited call from a company unknown to me so I just hung up.

Anonym  2016-03-12 14:37:06

i rang it back ,and it answered this is claims direct ,so i hung up and blocked the number

Anonym  2016-02-21 05:48:10

Silent call today. Blocked

Anonym  2016-02-19 00:43:13

Any other time i would play a long but im busy at the moment. Note if anyone can ask them to hold the line see how long they'll wait! Lol

Anonym  2015-11-08 10:07:30

****little scammers. Call centre called Denuo Data Response. Checked them out but they don't exist. Denuo Data does though. All seems to be a front because their office is actually an accountants. Reported them to the police.

Anonym  2015-11-02 18:01:25

Hung up the call as I'm used to getting calls like this now, and I don't answer calls from places I know none of my family or friends live in. They left a silent 3 second voicemail. After checking this site, I've blocked them.

Anonym  2015-08-02 14:25:34

Had a few missed calls from the number but not answered as I'm in work - always leave a blank/silent message. It also states Barry - wasn't sure if this was the place or a fake name??? Now blocked after reading these other comments - thanks guys :)

Anonym  2015-07-25 22:25:32

silent call

Anonym  2015-07-02 11:00:18

Spam number

Anonym  2015-06-18 19:02:14

Calling me loads so now blocked after reading comments on here !!!

Anonym  2015-06-05 12:43:30

Called 5 times over 3 days while I was away with work. Left 5 silent voicemails each time. Waste of time

Anonym  2015-05-06 23:18:31

claims company ringing every other day

Anonym  2015-04-27 07:46:05

Unanswered call through to voicemail then no message just background babble then silence

Anonym  2015-02-26 09:22:30

Claims inclusive line - block

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