Who called from this phone number: 01446769512 ?

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Anonym  2017-02-18 09:06:47

The caller did not connect to answerphone but rang off when it switched. Mystery caller - but acted commonly per other proven spam calls. Just be aware.

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anonym - about: 01253%20650005

Individual claiming to be from Windows. Started getting rude and aggressive when questioned about reason for call.

anonym - about: 3859882020

I called the back and was offered a do not call press #9. I'm expecting a call from a medical supplies company so I'm answering unknown numbers these days. :(

anonym - about: 0164465377

Automated "This is an urgent call for people on benefits ....", then goes onto a boiler promotion. Trouble is we have been receiving these calls DAILY for about three weeks!

anonym - about: 01497674850

No one speaks when we answer it's a joke - always calling in the mornings Would like to know who keeps ringing

anonym - about: 4075307172

Calls and asks for an "Uncle Derrick"...

anonym - about: 0781652918

Fraudster advertising on Gumtree, olx and junkmail especially in farming equipment ie: tracktors, bobcats, etc collecting holding deposits and do not answer afterwards.Goes by the name of Daan Vermeulen. (afrikaaner accent)

anonym - about: 2064312222


anonym - about: 347%20471%205202

Had a weird name I didn't recognize. Called me while at work which sux. I am sure a scammer. Leave me alone you scammers.

anonym - about: 0599804162

Got a call initially speaking in Arabic and there after could get the nationality and started talking in hindi. He informed that i got xxxxxxxxxxxx riyals and read my sim no and wanted me check and call back. Then i searched this no. on your site and posting this for the information and caution of every one. When called back no response

anonym - about: 9564433044

Sending me messages and I've asked who this is but no response

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