Who called from this phone number: 01446765431 ?

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Anonym  2018-12-01 15:56:48

No messages left on landline-which I now do not answer due to the number of scam calls received.

Anonym  2018-10-13 20:17:31

Same as 01487834805 all about internet being cut off getting really fed up now as it's everyday

Anonym  2018-06-28 01:42:33

James supposily calling from “my phone provider” based in an office in Wales (delighted to know that MY phone provider employs so many Indian/Pakistani employees going by the background voices /noise) anyhow James called me to ask if I was reciting neusance calls... He could not tell my partner what company he was employed by... my partner told him clearly what he thought of his bogus call..

Anonym  2018-04-18 13:26:55

Scam, don’t answer

Anonym  2017-11-10 18:16:57

Automated voice called today 9 August 2018, claimed to be calling from HMRC to notify about a serious law suit. What a load of BS. These people should be shut down. Blocked!

Anonym  2016-07-18 04:46:38

01446 765431 keeps calling. Never any message left and have recently started calling early morning. Certainly some sort of scam. Don't answer or use block

Anonym  2016-07-13 14:04:01

Several times per day for over a week now. Getting pissed off. If anyone can provide an address (even if its over seas) it would be much appreciated.....

Anonym  2016-04-28 12:26:08

01446 765431 Rang at 7:30am but left no message

Anonym  2015-11-25 05:50:07

This is the second non-call I have had from Wales today. The other number was: 01656 871957, though as no-one spoke I don't know whether they are connected. From comments below I should blacklist.

Anonym  2015-10-06 18:37:33

Mr "nobody" at the other end had 3 calls today the first being 7 am ! Its about time something was done about this its every day .

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anonym - about: 5172100197

Me Artis

anonym - about: 01340074403

Claims to be from !Tech Support ' and says I have an issue with my windows operating system when I said I was a mac user (not true) he then said that I has a fault with my Mac OS. Scam scam scam.

anonym - about: 8777226005

Keeps calling me and not leaving voicemails.

anonym - about: 07732799571

Don't know who is rang someone and this number text back but I asked that person if it was them and they said no

anonym - about: 7035318584

No idea. Leaves robot message that says it is time sensitive and I must call back. Most likely scammer. They can go fuck themselves.

anonym - about: 9176395885

said my name and the hanged up

anonym - about: 03330433871

They keep ringing me

anonym - about: 1866385-8478

This number has authorized my credit card without my consent.

anonym - about: 9717040699

They called constantly over a period of days, when answered either no answer or finally said they were a market research firm.

anonym - about: 0113324470

asked me for a job in eckinton as a office worker never gave them my number they somehow got my email adress as well sounds like a scam but unsure about the whole thing did my research and they are based in leeds?

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