Who called from this phone number: 01446688399 ?

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Anonym  2019-01-21 14:37:25

Left message - All I could hear as nobody directly left a message was lots of chattering and shouting like a low grade call centre.

Anonym  2018-12-08 07:21:16

Won't stop calling. They leave no message.

Anonym  2018-11-03 02:43:12

Don't know who they are but very annoying

Anonym  2018-07-16 16:43:31

Another calling multiple numbers then only answer the first the rest get an automated goodbye I will block naturally but my guess is they have multiple numbers changing them regularly

Anonym  2018-05-27 19:29:16

I've blocked this number it's just a dodgy call centre.

Anonym  2017-10-30 04:13:05

Called but no one spoke

Anonym  2017-08-01 20:26:07

No speech no answer on callback. Blocked

Anonym  2017-06-21 23:46:21

When this call was answered just got s**ual abuse

Anonym  2017-03-16 06:04:06

No response.disconnected pickup

Anonym  2016-12-28 06:15:28

This same number calls, and there is no response when you answer. No automated call, no person.. I have blocked many numbers from Barry ...

Anonym  2016-11-12 13:23:24

Car accident cold calling

Anonym  2016-02-23 08:22:22

When answered nobody speaks, if you miss a call from this number they do not leave a message and they call around 6 times a day

Anonym  2015-12-08 05:55:06

Call was answered but no response from the call initiator.

Anonym  2015-06-12 00:53:13

Another unknown and unwanted p*st

Anonym  2015-03-17 22:32:15

They ring and dont speak when answered.blocked now

Anonym  2015-01-30 11:39:30

When answered you could hear breathing but no-one spoke.

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anonym - about: 03331368483

Don't known who this number belongs to and they are not leaving a message.

anonym - about: 6474786938

Fraud / scam for air-conditioning and furnace sales - they pretended there is a government rebate available to help consumers save thousands of dollars via the 'ONTARIO POWER AUTHORITY' which makes it seem official and legitimate, but the OPA hasn't even existed for at least the last two years, when it was merged with something else - AND it had NEVER been responsible for disbursing any kinds of rebates, even back when it did exist! They target senile seniors and unsuspecting homeowners.

anonym - about: 3038163349

I just filled in a Publishers Clearing thing - wonder if it is related.

anonym - about: +2348168202151

This number called from Nigeria twice, no one said anything.

anonym - about: 07897104350

This number keeps ringing me I ring it back and it's saying it's not in use

anonym - about: 02132609125

Missed a call from this number

anonym - about: 12024558888

claimed to be from google givtng a verifacation code autamated american voice female

anonym - about: 01204%20918855

Answered phone call but no one was speaking on the other end

anonym - about: 07925348202

Duped me. Made me paid him £ 1500.00 in order to sell me a car that he advertised on auto trader. I paid the money into his account and asked him to delivery the car to my house. When he brought the car it wasn't what was advertised on auto trader. I have requested my money back but he had refused to pay the money back to me.

anonym - about: 3108097781

Paco Monteroso

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