Who called from this phone number: 01446421637 ?

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Anonym  2017-11-21 16:17:37

Don't know anyone from Barry in Wales? Couldn't be bothered to leave message. Wait and see if they call back.

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anonym - about: 06348599547

this is some one saying they are from SKY tv services and they are refunding me £220 because of a unique problem with my account. foreign accent DEFINITELY not Sky They want your bank details confirmed so they can make a refund.

anonym - about: +442039584711

Whose Numbers is IT

anonym - about: +352621221920

who called me

anonym - about: 3069831175

Not sure if this caller

anonym - about: 9545327428

Call specifically asked for me and did not leave from who or where it came from . Seems sketchy

anonym - about: 3175567970

This is my personal cell phone and also for my business, Aaron's DJ Services I do not engage in any type of unsolicited calling. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call or text me.

anonym - about: 7542020051

Some guy is requiring me for a job that sound too good to be true he left this number I wanted to know who he is or if someone knows if it's a scam

anonym - about: +447375453472

HMRC alert You are eligible to receive a tax rebate. Of £941

anonym - about: 5057019837

Well respected in charitable work organization collection s

anonym - about: 3035206526

kelly smith

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