Who called from this phone number: 01446386223 ?

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Anonym  2018-07-22 05:58:10

Asked for a "Peter Frank" - which isnt me, they then hung up

Anonym  2018-07-05 01:29:37

Some guy all very friendly as if he knew me than went on to tell me it was financial services. Hung up and blocked

Anonym  2018-05-11 03:39:52

Silent Call

Anonym  2017-11-16 00:48:15

answered , no reply, sounded like a call centre, hung up on me.

Anonym  2017-11-10 06:28:03

disgusting! all I heard was profanities.

Anonym  2017-09-18 00:39:32

Picked up. The number they called is my work phone. Could hear breathing but no one speaking. I thanked them and told them I was going to leave the line live because after 40 seconds they are charged £2.50 per minute or part thereof before VAT. They hung up immediately.

Anonym  2017-08-31 02:33:20

sales call

Anonym  2017-08-03 19:27:16

Picked up phone but no one there

Anonym  2017-04-24 13:55:07

01446386223 I awsered no reply put phone down.11.05 am 12/11/2018

Anonym  2017-02-24 19:38:12

Half hour ago got a phone call didn't recognize the number I ignored it

Anonym  2017-02-24 11:49:30

I didn’t reply. Now blocked.

Anonym  2017-02-23 12:04:18

I answered call, but did not say anything, no one spoke from the other end, and then the phone was put down. I had "Barry" under the number.

Anonym  2017-01-20 12:24:59

Didn't answer but they left a message - the message was silent. If this is a sales scam then they haven't got the hang of it!

Anonym  2016-08-27 17:25:01

answered call, silent, repeated hello, still no response then hung up - I have been called 7 times over the last couple of day so have now blocked the number

Anonym  2016-08-18 19:07:56


Anonym  2016-06-29 07:51:57

yesterday pm got a call on my mobile, from a welsh lady who wanted to talk about PPI. I told her that I was walking along the beach, I actually was, I live by the sea, and could not hear very well because of the wind, she said she would ring back later, I said that was good because we could make an arrangement to meet, and enjoy the sea views. She hung up and did not ring back. I blocked the number. I have found that if you have some time on your hands it can be fun to wind them up, ask them out and make the chat a long one, you won’t hear from them again, and they always get cut off by the moderator!

Anonym  2016-06-05 17:26:03

Repeated calls from same number in a 10 minute period. Finally answered as was driving me nuts. Said it was about my PPI claim (funny - I've not got any and certainly not to my works mobile number). Told them to remove the number immediately as it's a Police/Mountain Rescue number and she promptly hung-up on me. Number now blocked :-)

Anonym  2015-12-27 20:42:47

01446 386223. Called my mobile (I did not answer) and did not leave a message. Will block number on my phone.

Anonym  2015-08-11 23:06:19

Contact came up as Barry, after a few second it was connected to a call centre where a lady spoke talking about financial services so I hung up

Anonym  2015-07-24 00:41:06

A lady called to say that she was calling from ? Financial Services. Stated that I was not interested and ended the call.

Anonym  2015-05-24 20:47:10

Missed a call. Barry, Wales listed under the number.

Anonym  2015-04-12 04:59:00

Missed call. No message left.

Anonym  2015-01-05 23:46:53

The woman answering said “dmr financial services “ (I think) and talked about ppi - told her to remove my number from their database.

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anonym - about: 7157959591

called and didn't leave a message

anonym - about: 0333%20338%201022

Rand a few times I've answered but they've hung up don't know who it is

anonym - about: 447400320284

They say they are HSBC but they are NOT> Be aware.

anonym - about: 003476503899

Sky insurance cover scam. Indian voice. I don't have any Sky products.

anonym - about: 8774439432

Calling in regards to speaking to my attorney.. stop calling me!

anonym - about: 01618147905

Have phoned me 18 times in two days. The first time they phoned I told them that I wasn't interested. The caller cut me off mid sentence. Now they keep phoning sometimes every 5 to 10 minutes. Have reported number to the ICO.

anonym - about: +63%209778459138

person calling and I don't know who it is

anonym - about: 07720%20998627

Called but I didn't answer unknown number

anonym - about: 9013784645


anonym - about: 02031988114

Rung several times; usually no reply if you remain silent on picking up the 'phone i.e. Voice activated.

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