Who called from this phone number: 01446386190 ?

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Anonym  2018-08-24 15:23:30

Time wasters

Anonym  2018-07-17 13:19:21

PPI Claims

Anonym  2018-07-05 17:26:17

cold call

Anonym  2018-05-02 23:32:29

01446 386190

Anonym  2018-03-18 07:38:44

Called form PPI. Asked to remove number and refused. Rude and wouldn’t get off the line. Don’t asnwer

Anonym  2018-03-06 22:25:07


Anonym  2018-02-09 19:02:38

Flagged on my mobile as possible sim call so did not answer

Anonym  2017-12-10 03:27:57

Called me when I was driving this morning, I answered (hands free), somebody kept saying Hello, then line went dead.

Anonym  2017-09-15 23:15:57

Cold call from Barry wales I asked where he got my number he said I had sanctioned calls from them which I never have told him not to call me again as this was s cold call he denied it was

Anonym  2017-08-08 21:20:58

To my mobile number, which is only available to family. Shown as from Barry, Wales. male said he was phoning from some financial services company. I asked who he wished to speak to and he gave me a name 'Tracy' somebody or other. He claimed 'she' must have given the wrong phone number to them................... I told him to remove my number from their data base then blocked his number.

Anonym  2017-07-18 23:32:25

DRM Financial (sounded like those letters anyway), calling about PPI bollocks

Anonym  2017-04-13 14:07:48

Called my mobile, came up as Barry in Wales. Sent it to voicemail. Just someone saying Hello? Sounds of a call centre in background. No message left. Timewasters.

Anonym  2017-04-07 09:24:33

hang up a.s.a.p.

Anonym  2017-02-01 14:17:42

I called this number back, after they rang me at 9am, ask who was calling and he said his name was ‘shaun’ then he proceeded about some insurance bs. I asked why they got my number and they said he got it of a database, something like that. So I told him to take it iof the data base and said bye.

Anonym  2017-01-01 20:35:42

Missed call from this number, area code is Barry, South Wales but my phone identified it as Barra, Scotland,. Not a real number, some kind of spam call?

Anonym  2016-12-31 17:41:49


Anonym  2016-10-26 17:53:24

Barry, Wales - didn’t answer. By the looks of the previous posts it’s a PPI caller.

Anonym  2016-10-02 01:45:06

Called to say he just had a miss call from me which i hadn't called. Just block the number poss scam to give your number out to others

Anonym  2016-07-06 01:21:22


Anonym  2015-12-16 05:34:47

Had a missed call and voicemail from this number, listened to the voicemail and it’s just a loud call office and the actual caller isn’t speaking at all I can just here another person talking to someone else on the phone. Blocking the number now I’ve looked it up on here.

Anonym  2015-09-01 18:09:59

Missed call thankfully.

Anonym  2015-08-30 16:05:06

Harry from Scotland. TIMEWASTERS said my mum was in an accident. Jokes on them, my mum died last year from a terminal disease. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonym  2015-07-31 15:41:43

Man said had called him, told him no and got off phone as soon as possible,

Anonym  2015-07-28 20:06:51

Cold callers based in Barry. Utter timewasters. Why can't we ban this relentless cold-calling?

Anonym  2015-07-18 17:49:54

missed call message for this number I never answer any number I don't recognise.

Anonym  2015-03-04 23:07:54

Received a call from this number, not sanctioned to receive any correspondence from anyone. Seems strange to get a call from a call centre when I have left my number with a courier for a delivery? Ofcom you need to sort out how the numbers are obtained and bring justice to the perpetrators. Fortunately my call was intercepted by my robot who the it in the big....hahaha.

Anonym  2015-03-04 10:35:15

same number has tried several times and as no message left , ignored, googled and hey presto it is this one

Anonym  2015-02-17 20:55:02

Was Stacey from remember.....the welsh bird :-)

Anonym  2015-01-10 21:56:26

Didn't say anything

Anonym  2015-01-04 02:14:34

just read the posts from the last 24 hours.. ive just had same experience. my mob is a business line so i have to answer... total nuisance OF COM PLEASE SORT

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anonym - about: +37178910226

Who called Me ? Whose number is this Find information

anonym - about: 18123099942

Nick Bonam

anonym - about: 2162789115

They called me tonight at 3 fucking am and got lucky my phone was on silent. I have a 1 teething all the time baby

anonym - about: 18447470851

scammed my my wife saying they are "the IRS". When I asked again, I was told "this is the IRS; are you deaf? are you retarded?" SCAM CITY, USA!

anonym - about: 01202026073

Called today, could hear people talking in background but no-one actually spoke to me!

anonym - about: 0238551115

Prank Calling me every night

anonym - about: 07841340283

This number called my husband at 01-25am yesterday morning

anonym - about: 01204054699

Standard dodgy call. No answer when call picked up and then it cuts off - presumably because the 'operators' are all busy annoying someone else

anonym - about: 9036509485

Receiving calls from this number stating I have 2 charges pending against me. Family members receiving calls as well. They do not identify who they are!

anonym - about: 0097144075038

this number keep calling me !!

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