Who called from this phone number: 014134824785 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

This number called to say my phone line was 'compromised' is California. Have blocked it.

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anonym - about: 01422344294

Rang me up to say that I was owed thousands for a car crash I've just had but told me to F-off at the end when I said email he's details

anonym - about: 4074214093

Called as 'Member Services', said that I qualified for lower interest on my CC due to Fair Credit Act. Wanted my card information, when I told him I needed to have more information as to who the company was, he refused, got belligerent,

anonym - about: 0802406820857%20


anonym - about: 5015455823

Keep calling. Map says they are walking, near my house. I need a name, location

anonym - about: (555)%205038769

They used claiming they knew me and said I was there family member. I have no family in Dallas, where they claimed they were from, so they couldn't be related to me.

anonym - about: 8025277226

Called me in school and i dident pickup i was in a class i looked it up and its supposibly PDI Inc.

anonym - about: 07469728376

Calling in the night and putting phone down07956312755 Majiddarr Akhtar

anonym - about: 008001836404

Every night i get home from work and another missed call from this number. Nobody has my number and its ex direct so bound to be another " you had an accident" call

anonym - about: 3885214786

This people (sound Indian) call and say f**ck u mfer !! They try to sell computer virus protection or some bs but we all know they are a scam!

anonym - about: 9032252557

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