Who called from this phone number: 01273958783 ?

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anonym - about: 1575226-3213

this person keeps calling from new mexico

anonym - about: 01088108815

This phone number is a Killer Clown so do not pick up if it calls you because this Killer Clown can track you down!

anonym - about: 6787026647

email about help with dissertation?

anonym - about: 07598950165

called my landline today saying he had spoken to me a few days ago - not true - requested he delete number from their database - why would they be using a mobile number if they are a business

anonym - about: 07796360095

Ambulance chasers. automated message telling you that you been in an accident that you haven't claimed for.

anonym - about: 14164062799

A male person with an 'Indian Accent' (India) calling himself 'Jordan' phoned here from 1-416-406-2799 trying to sell different kind of 'Alarms'. Although he was polite, after a few Q & A I finally made him understand that I wasn't interested to purchase any items. The kind of phone calls I could do without !

anonym - about: 01707662483

Just had a called from this number, very rude and abusive. Saying he can spread my home number on the database and also said his calling from Pakistan saying do I know who he is and what he can do what organisation his with ( terror group). Called me at 5:12 pm on 16-12-2016 Don't UK companies vet their employees.....

anonym - about: 02033850604

An automated voice told me HMRC was filing a law suit against me and told me to press 1 for details

anonym - about: 3062824611

Just wanted to know who is calling as I don't recognize this number

anonym - about: 02079465244

Sales call

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