Who called from this phone number: 01256517222 ?

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anonym - about: 01782335001%20

Scam person called saying that he was from talk talk and that the Internet would be turned off for 2 weeks but if they could access my computer they could help me

anonym - about: 6143236477

melissa faggie

anonym - about: 07920361429

Trying to tell me I had a refund if £3k on a loan I had (I don't have a loan) when I told him this he was really abusive to me calling me a F**king B*tch and to F**k off the line!! Then he hung up!?

anonym - about: 9162929021

They texted me asking if i could be there man for tonight I am a girl and have no idea who this is

anonym - about: 0795952204

The guys is talking about interview for the department of education. Be careful people.

anonym - about: 0761881917%20

keep getting this phone number come up on my mobile as I have not given my number to anyone I will not answer it just would like to know who it is

anonym - about: 01780769737


anonym - about: 02080016043

This is a scam number. If they call you report this to your provider and have it barred.

anonym - about: 07713%20124709

safe, missed it, tried to call back only to hear "number not recognised"

anonym - about: 03458396301

Spam number

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