Who called from this phone number: 01170337664 ?

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anonym - about: 01509358503

This is an auto dialer from Nexbridge communications checking for live phone lines to pass on .

anonym - about: 07788615509

Mobile phone number, silence when I answer. Persistant caller.

anonym - about: 01207%20604106

Just called, but when I answered the call, the line hanged up.

anonym - about: 5139852903

spam scam insurance sales

anonym - about: 01617438693

This number phoned and asked to speak to the owner of the flat I asked if I could take a message and they rang off.

anonym - about: 4065081624

This phone number just rings my line and then hangs up when I answer. I say hello twice and then nothing.

anonym - about: 8018934099

Illegal scam call was received from this person who wanted to do seo for us

anonym - about: 01431261967

No idea who this is

anonym - about: 8043800013

got a test saying "I know who you are and in coming for you" then another saying "When it happens you will know"

anonym - about: 01782930325

I don't know who keeps calling but I've had a number of missed calls

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