Who called from this phone number: 01170336531 ?

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anonym - about: 18447470851

scammed my my wife saying they are "the IRS". When I asked again, I was told "this is the IRS; are you deaf? are you retarded?" SCAM CITY, USA!

anonym - about: 0719395965

my phone is stolen with this number and their call me with it.

anonym - about: 2138057825

Proves to be BLACKBEAR he's a singer and says stuff like did u here my new album and stuff don't trust

anonym - about: 00113320043

I am from srilanka

anonym - about: 01395672995

accident calls repeatedly even after blocking

anonym - about: 0407470225

The bloke is Matt Cunningham from mildura

anonym - about: 07904760453

rang twice-background noise, no answer, rang them back, phone comtinued to ring, now barred

anonym - about: 6512638260

Probably a prank or a wrong number but the person is a stubborn ass hole. Probably think KS in someone else and I asked who's this and they called me a bitch saying they just returned my call... I never got a call from them?

anonym - about: 2692403214

Don't know the number want to find out who it is

anonym - about: 7024971819


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