Who called from this phone number: 01170334149 ?

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anonym - about: 6826284581

I didn't answer the unknown caller from out-of-state and they didn't leave a message.

anonym - about: 3478372320

The woman with a foreign accent told me that i am wanted by the FBI. Right. Uh-huh.

anonym - about: 3136034228

Annyoying. Keeps calling won't stop calling every time very annoying and disturbing

anonym - about: 6159916198

Thi number and 6159916169 are calling 7+ times per day. No message. If I answer there is only silence.

anonym - about: 6153027988

Called, left no messsge. I don't answer/return ANY number I don't recognize. Scamming scumbag.

anonym - about: 12028885879

Calls everyday around the same time, for a week now, does not leave a voice mail.

anonym - about: 4062911334

unknown call

anonym - about: 7044677853

Calls several times each day but does not leave messages

anonym - about: 4805657237

480-565-7237 did not know the number so I purposely rejected it then blocked my number and called it back. it was a "recording" saying that the survey I was chosen for has currently ended. Funny how a survey can end 2 minutes later from when their call came through. SCAM SCAM. I blocked their number from my phone... So much for the do not call registry, eh?

anonym - about: 4138755128

Person texted me and i dont know who it is

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