Who called from this phone number: 01142961081 ?

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anonym - about: 410%20808%205701

Lurks craigslist to cheat on his wife. Real name Patrick Kennedy. From Baltimore area. Harassing and sleazy.

anonym - about: 02051627849

Apparently Agnes from BT about broadband problems. This household doesn't have BT broadband - she'll ring back later & speak to the ballplayer.

anonym - about: 0735740428

this person is a scammer, he runs capital fund and self made catering investment

anonym - about: 01618147905

ringing to offer to settle claim for insurance which has been settled

anonym - about: 311740735

311740735 just received a call from the number did not leave message - Dominique Watt RN Stanford

anonym - about: +34658120338

Called me once. No idea who

anonym - about: (313)4269411

fishing for info

anonym - about: 4092917205

It is used by a Hacker to activate malware in your phone, believed to be associated with Packard Law Firm in Beaumont, very unethical. Also uses 936-291-8161. Dangerous to cell phones, collects all your information and Norton doesn't detect it.

anonym - about: 631283891

Number calls you speaks in Spanish you tell him you don't speak Spanish he continues to talk in Spanish pain in back side

anonym - about: 00989338084517


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