Who called from this phone number: 01130933339 ?

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anonym - about: 9545316834


anonym - about: 4699147211

They have called numerous times, always silence. I tried to call back and got "Sorry, this is not a working number".

anonym - about: 6262358911

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anonym - about: 0802%20190%200000

Each time the number calls and I pick up my phone the caller doesn't say anything and after some seconds the caller hangs up.

anonym - about: 8124421205


anonym - about: 01151525240

This is an accident 'Ambulance Chaser' number - was just called this morning and as soon as I questioned them, they hung up. Should be banned!

anonym - about: +911130917373


anonym - about: 4143066443

Called and didn't leave message

anonym - about: 7609055076

Metro PCS phone

anonym - about: 01144470052

called and hung up when I answered

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