Who called from this phone number: 001437862094 ?

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anonym  2018-05-30 13:01:07

starts calling at 5:30 a.m. (Canada) and every hour until noon. Blocking this number has not helped. Who/what is it?

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anonym - about: 3602033401


anonym - about: 9076718319

Just curious why they have called but left no message.

anonym - about: 6264673738

Called at 450 am. No message, no nothing

anonym - about: 5302046222

Keep calling and all I hear are weird voices and music. Pretty sure it's a scammed or there is some weird shit going on.

anonym - about: 7862334-31-1

received a call from this number - from Russia? didn't answer but I'm sure its some type of scam

anonym - about: 0420661637


anonym - about: 0002036780028

Very very rude people, call our business line 6+ times a day. shout and slam the phone down every time. we have called our provider who have advised us to disconnect the call asap as they believe they are trying to "take over the line"

anonym - about: 01582684618

Got a call from this number (Luton area code) today at 10:15. Foreign sounding lady asking if my car had been involved in an accident. When I asked if it was a scam call she hung up immediately.

anonym - about: 4012133029

I keep getting calls from this number and keep telling them not to call me but they won't stop.

anonym - about: 7808079052

Not sure who this is but keeps sendjng sexual text to married men

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