Can we check who called us ?

Who called me How to check it ?

Do you use your personal phone for work and receive lots of unknown calls? If you want to be in control about who calls you, you can always check the identity of the caller. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, people tend to screen the calls they receive. However, this method still leaves you with the uncertainty of who called you and where they got your phone number from. Unfortunately many people are fond of calling from a private, blocked or No caller ID phone, which displays the corresponding message instead of the phone number every time you receive their call. Other phone numbers may be simply unfamiliar to you because they aren´t registered among your contacts, but the calls may be done at odd hours so you hesitate whether to take them or not.

Why is important to check who calls?

If you want to check who is calling you before answering, or if someone is simply harassing you, calling you and hanging up or leaving you strange messages, you can always check the identity of this person. It is indeed very important to find out who is calling because there is a chance it´s a scammer trying to steal valuable information from you. In most of cases, unknown calls come from an ex-partner who hasn´t still gotten over the breakup, a former business partner who is upset at you for some reason or simply a prankster who found your phone number by chance, for instance by listening while you gave it to some service provider..

What if the caller phone is private or has No caller or blocked ID?

In these cases is very important to find out the identity of the caller. It may be just a business person or company trying to contact you, but it may also be a potential danger. For this cases, there are special apps that unmask the number by removing the block to the ID.

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