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Few informations about us

Reverse cell phone lookups are one of those actions that are still hard to perform. This is due mainly to the apprehensions people have when it comes to giving away delicate information to websites and directories, but it is also due to the random and inaccurate way in which the few websites who contain this kind of information gather their data. Till now, if you wanted to look up information about someone or to learn about someone´s identity  by their phone number, one of the best methods was to resort to Facebook. By writing a given phone number in its search engine, there is some chance of finding the profile it belongs to, provided this person has associated their phone number to their account. This website contains lots of private information about lots of people, but it fails at the time of accurately linking this info to a certain phone number. Although many people have their phones linked to their Facebook account, some people don´t want this information running freely on the World Wide Web, so they refuse to give away this information. Also, most of them don´t make this number available to other users. Again, the problem is that people don´t want to share their phone numbers with everyone and also there are some people who don´t trust any website at all with their private information and they don´t have any social media account.

What is Totallookup.com

Some websites have seen the need for reverse cell phone lookup services and they have created a good database which can reveal some information about a given phone number ; however, due to the character of this service, it is hard to get it for free and the few websites that provide with a service of this kind don´t have a thorough database. But totallookup was able to get out of this impasse by developing a database that can be updated by its users. Imagine every single person in a certain community shared their personal phonebook with one another. Some people might even have some wrong information or incorrect phone numbers, but this is irrelevant because all the information is double checked by the community since some of the pople are bound to share the same contacts. This is exactly what happens in totallookup. The quality of its service has made this website very popular among people who want to look up some phone information online. This popularity has in turn improved the accuracy of the information and has made of this website the best website for finding out information related to a phone number.

Online database of phone numbers

Phone numbers are like fingerprints: Everyone person or company has a different one. If all phone numbers were registered in a database that´s accessible to everyone, then there wouldn´t be any problem identifying callers. That´s exactly what Totallookup.com is about.
Our website allows you to do the reverse phone lookup of any number you possess. This is due to our exhaustive database which has been completed by users like you and which is constantly being updated. An average of two hundred thousand users per month ensure the accuracy and currency of the information on our website. Thousands of users perform at least a phone number search daily and more than five hundred new phones are registered every day. Thanks to the joint effort of our experienced team and the trust and help of our online community, our database is today one of the most exhaustive available in the American region.

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