864 Area Code

State: South Carolina

  • Admission to Statehood:
    May 23, 1788 (8th State)
  • Area:
    • Area: 32,007 sq.mi (82,898 sq.km.), 40th
    • Land: 30,111 sq.mi. (77,987 sq.km.), 40th
    • Water: 1,896 sq.mi. (4,911 sq.km.), 21st
    • Coastline: 187 mi. (301 km.), 11th
    • Shoreline: 2,876 mi. (4,628 km.), 11th
  • Constitution:
    South Carolina's Constitution , 8th State
  • Capital City:
  • Nickname:
    Palmetto State
  • Population (2013):
    4,774,839; Rank: 24 of 50 | Population Quick Facts

Area Code 864


Area code 803 refers to the United States, in particular South Carolina state belonging to that country. South Carolina is located in the east of North America. The capital city of South Carolina is Columbia. The main cities of South Carolina are North Augusta, Rock Hill, Chester, Springfield, Blackville and Aiken. You can check information about the caller from this state at any time. All you need to do is enter the number you have not picked up. You will be redirected to the appropriate subpage where the information about the caller from the given number will appear in sequence. Opinions of other users, the number of visitors to a given subpage and many other information about the number.

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