785 Area Code

State: Kansas

Major City: Topeka

  • Admission to Statehood:
    January 29, 1861 (34th State)
  • Constitution:
    Kansas's Constitution , 34th State
  • Nickname:
    Sunflower State
  • Population (2013):
    2,893,957; Rank: 34 of 50 | Population Quick Facts


  • Area: 82,282 sq.mi (213,110 sq.km.), 15th
  • Land: 81,823 sq.mi. (211,921 sq.km.), 13th
  • Water: 459 sq.mi. (1,189 sq.km.), 43rd

Area Code 785


Area code 316 means the United States, especially the state of Kansas. Kansas is located in the middle of the USA. From the north it borders with the state of Nebrasak, from the west with the state of Colorado, from the south with Olkahoma, and from the east from Missouri. Topeka is the capital of Kansas. One of the major cities in this state are Augusta, Wichita, Towanda, Newton Sedgwick Whitewater Andover. If someone from this state called you, it's not a problem to find out about the caller. Just enter the number and immediately, you will be redirected to the appropriate subpage. This is where you will be provided with information about the number you have not picked up. The number of reviewers checking the given page, the opinions of other users about the number and much more.

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