503 Area Code

State: Oregon

  • Admission to Statehood:
    February 14, 1859 (33rd State)
  • Area:
    • Area: 98,386 sq.mi (254,819 sq.km.), 9th
    • Land: 96,003 sq.mi. (248,647 sq.km.), 10th
    • Water: 2,383 sq.mi. (6,172 sq.km.), 19th
    • Coastline: 296 mi. (476 km.), 8th
    • Shoreline: 1,410 mi. (2,269 km.), 16th
  • Constitution:
    Oregon's Constitution , 33rd State
  • Capital City:
  • Nickname:
    Beaver State
  • Population (2013):
    3,930,065; Rank: 27 of 50 | Population Quick Facts

Area Code 503


Area code 458 refers to the United States, and more specifically the state of Oregon. This state is located in the northwest of the United States. From the north it borders with Washington, the east with Idaho and the south with California and Nevada. The capital is Salem. The main urban centers are, for example, cities such as Cascade Locks, Eugene, Bend and Phoenix. You can check information about the state at any time. All you need to do is enter the number. Then you are redirected to the subpage with the information about the given number. You can find out what you are looking for.

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