502 Area Code

State: Kentucky

Major City: Frankfort

  • Admission to Statehood:
    June 1, 1792 (15th State)
  • Constitution:
    Kentucky's Constitution , 15th State
  • Nickname:
    Bluegrass State
  • Population (2013):
    4,395,295; Rank: 26 of 50 | Population Quick Facts


  • Area: 40,411 sq.mi (104,664 sq.km.), 37th
  • Land: 39,732 sq.mi. (102,905 sq.km.), 26th
  • Water: 679 sq.mi. (1,759 sq.km.), 38th

Area Code 502


Area code 270 refers to the United States, and more precisely the state of Kentucky. The southern neighbor of the state of Kentucky is the state of Tennessee, from the north Kentucky borders with the state of Indiana and Ohio, from the east with Virginia, and from the west with Missouri and Illinois. The capital of Kentucky is the city of Frankfort. Have you tried to call someone with this field number? You can now check the information about the given number. You no longer have to wonder where the number you came from that you have not received. All you have to do is enter it and information about the caller is displayed on the appropriate subpage. Opinions about him number of checking this page and many other useful data.

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